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Doula Certification

I’m looking for some opinions on doula certification. Is any one agency better than others for certifying doulas? If so, why?


Helpful Links

We are all used to hearing about the risks of VBAC but how often do our doctors share with us the risk of cesareans? Or the risk of REPEAT cesareans? If your doctor is like mine – NEVER. The only warning you get is that sheet you have to sign at the hospital, which like all surgeries, warns you of the risk of DEATH. Here at <a href=""CIMS (Coalition for Maternity Services) they are providing us with a Risk of Cesearean Fact Sheet (pdf) .

I got another useful link from a friend today. An organization called Solace For Mothers provides assistance in healing after a traumatic childbirth. They have message boards available on the site, whether for yourself or if you’re looking to help someone that you know had a traumatic birth. There are links to mental health providers who are trained in trauma and there’s even a question list which volunteers use to screen providers to see if they are birth trauma friendly. I’m just getting familiar with the site but it looks to be an excellent resource if you, like me, are trying to recover from a traumatic birth.