2009 Long Island Maternity Statistics by Hospital

New York State has a wonderful law called the Maternity Information Act (Public Health Law section 2803-J, Information for maternity patients). In accordance with this law, each year hospitals must report cesarean rates, intervention rates, midwife attended births and rates of anesthesia, amongst other statistics. The information is compiled by the Department of Health and listed here. Because I am of the mind that likes to see everything in one place and compare side-by-side, I have put the Long Island data into a few different charts comparing pertinent information.

Some of this information is truly horrifying, especially that three of fourteen hospitals on Long Island have over 50% cesarean rates! 50%! (The World Health Organization suggests the necessary cesarean rate is between 10-15%!) I have not yet analyzed the data to see if there is any correlation between monitoring and increased cesareans or inductions and increased cesareans but I’m curious to know if such a relationship exists. As we know the slippery slope of interventions usually leads down one road. đŸ˜¦


Cesarean Births

Vaginal Births

All Births


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