In a surprising turn of events I find myself being judged by people I thought would be most supportive.I’m completely taken aback and very hurt. I’m trying not to dwell on it but it is consuming me. Why would these people feel the need to judge the choices I have made for my pregnancy, my uterus and my baby?

Surprisingly, my mother and my MIL are turning out to be my cheering committee. I was terrified to tell my mother my plans. She had two csections herself and I was sure she wouldn’t understand. Instead, she’s very excited for me! My MIL is just a worrier by nature so I expected some questions and concerns but instead she’s sending me emails about successful VBAC stories! She delivered her second as a a breech baby herself but then years later had a section for her third who was also breech.

I’ve done so much research on VBA2C. I’ve talked to medical professionals. I have a supportive provider. I have done so much to educate myself as fully as possible on the risks of both VBA2C and a third cesarean. I know that is the right decision for me and my baby.

Why am I having to defend myself to people I thought I could trust?


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Mom to two. Heading down a journey to VBA2C. I want to share all the obstacles, victories and resources I encounter to help other women like me! View all posts by vba2c

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