Too many traumatic deliveries

Almost one in 20 moms may have traumatic delivery

I read this article today and it really struck home. Only too often do I hear this: “The attitude is that you survived and your baby survived: Be grateful.”

The panic attacks and nightmares that I have are dismissed. I shouldn’t care about those feelings because I have a “healthy baby”. I shouldn’t worry about the feelings of extreme helplessness that I’m STILL dealing with surrounding birth. All I should care about is that my baby is “healthy”. What if it is true that the way we come into this world shapes who we are?

I read stories like the ones that happened to these women, like having a vaginal exam without permission or having membranes ruptured without knowledge or permission and I get ANGRY. Why is this acceptable behavior from medical professionals? Why is it ok for a doctor to stick his hands in a woman’s vagina, despite her protest when if it were outside the hospital it would be considered sexual assault?

I am again so completely grateful that I am able to have the care of a midwife during this pregnancy.

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