You can walk down the pregnancy aisle in any bookstore and become instantly overwhelmed. There are SO many choices and it is so difficult to know the “right” books to read, especially if this is your first pregnancy! Then, if you have a specific opinion or mindset about how birth should go, you have to weed through the lemons to get to the books that are going to prepare you for the place you need to be when you’re ready to give birth to your child. Pregnancy can already be a very overwhelming time for a woman with all the changes happening to you physically and mentally. If you’re like me, you probably don’t have the patience to sort through books to determine what you want or need to read. Here are some fabulous suggestions from Bellies and Babies. She touches on books for EVERY type of mother – from those who want to be knocked out and let the OB handle everything to those who want to give birth unassisted in a field. The main point of the post is also to tell you what to stay away from (those fear-mongering What to Expect books top her list.) The most important thing is to educate yourself on your choices before you make them. Don’t make choices blindly and don’t let someone else make them for you! Do you reading and do your research and become a strong, empowered pregnant woman taking charge of your own pregnancy and birth.

My personal favorites off the list:

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth
– I love Ina May. She has this soothing quality about her writing that reminds you that you are MADE for this. I could read her over and over again and I probably will keep reading this book until I give birth. She eases my fears and puts me in the right mental place.

The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth
– Henci Goer goes in-depth explaining interventions and why you would or would not want them. This book is a great read if you want to know why you should skip that epidural or if you want to be aware of all the benefits and risks when you decide you want to get it.

Your Best Birth
– Ricki Lake talks to the average woman. This book, along with her documentary, The Business of Being Born, explain in simple terms what your options are without swaying your opinion. She’s just putting it out there that THIS IS WHAT IT IS. The surprise ending to a documentary lending itself largely toward homebirth is a cesarean section.


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