What to Wear & Birth Plans

I’m in a quandary over what to wear for labor. I adamantly refuse to wear a hospital gown. I often see pictures of women in birth tubs in little tube tops or bikini tops, which makes sense. However, there will be no birth tub for me. I know some women become completely uninhibited while laboring and don’t mind being topless but um, I don’t think that will be me, especially not in a hospital setting. So what? A tank top? A t-shirt? I have no idea.

I’ve also been thinking a lot lately about a birth plan. I feel like everything that I want done, my midwife does as a matter of routine and some things that I wouldn’t want done if I had a choice, for instance continuous EFM, is hospital policy. I’ll have the ability to move around during labor, within the restraints of that dreaded machine and again, taking frequent bathroom breaks. I can eat and drink as I wish. I can deliver in whatever position feels comfortable for me. The people going to the hospital with me will be the ones I want there – my husband and doula. My midwife and her assistant will be with me the whole time. *If* the hospital nurses come in the room at all, it will not be to poke at me. So, I’m thinking of keeping it simple. I’m going to make index cards that say, “Please do not offer pain relief. I will ask if I feel I need it” and “I do not consent to any procedure that is not medically NECESSARY.” That’s pretty much my philosophy in a nutshell. Perhaps I’ll put them on neon pink index cards and hand them out like door prizes? 😉 I read somewhere that the more concise a birth plan is, the more likely it is to be respected. I don’t want to waste my breath putting things on paper that I know are a matter of routine for my midwife or putting things on paper that I know I can’t avoid.


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