37 and change

I saw my midwife last night for my weekly appointment and was reminded of exactly why I chose her. She helped me refocus. The end of pregnancy is rough and it can be difficult to not get caught up in wanting it to be over NOW. But I’m almost there! So close! I survived nausea and extreme fatigue in the beginning! It was horrible when I had to sit at my desk pretending to not be pregnant when I felt like I was turning green and the world was spinning! I survived all the trials that would have risked me out of a vbac. My placenta isn’t near my scar, my baby isn’t breech. I have had an amazingly health pregnancy and definitely my easiest yet. Someone is on my side here, right? Things are going well FOR A REASON! Now, I just need to chill, try to enjoy feeling limbs get stuck under my ribs and ride out these last few weeks! It WON’T last forever! Besides, I’m not sure I’m ready for this baby to be here, I still have things to do!


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Mom to two. Heading down a journey to VBA2C. I want to share all the obstacles, victories and resources I encounter to help other women like me! View all posts by vba2c

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